Aaron James Draplin’s Bold Design Setup

Aaron James Draplin (draplin.com and @draplin on IG). If you don’t know the name, chances are you still know his work. That signature style of big bold fonts and thigh-thick lines reaches out and pulls you in with both hands. These marks have been on everything from Aaron’s own Draplin Design Co. merch, to brand collaborations, to giant projects with giant brands. The client list is too long to type, but some heavy hitters include Nike, Patagonia, Coal Headwear, Nixon watches, Jack White, and Tenacious D. Oh yeah, and he really did both a US postage stamp and iconic logos for two Obama administration

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Revisiting Our First Setup Feature: Frank Tkachenko (@stylesofman)

If you think this setup looks familiar, don’t worry. It’s not a glitch in the matrix. About a year and a half ago our very first Instagram post featured Frank from @stylesofman and his sweet desk setup. Since then, his impeccable style has remained constant, but both his setup and his following have expanded. It’s really no surprise with his high-class, high-quality content. Let’s dive in and see what he’s leveled up and what was good enough to keep. The first thing that catches our eye is the expansive, 28” DualUp monitor from LG. This nearly doubles his screen real

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Go Big Without Going Broke, That’s The Bucket List Tech’s Way

Stop overspending on your tech. It’s a simple message that tends to get lost with today’s Mars-bound marketing budgets lighting up your feeds with all of the latest must-haves. Malaysia-based The Bucket List Tech (@thebucketlisttech on IG) is here to bring things back down to Earth. We got a chance to sit down with their founder James and see how this philosophy plays out with him and his personal desk setup. This ethos took root with James early in his life when a Gateway computer came into the house. He was 13, and he immediately started building custom PCs. When

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Setup of the Year: 2021

Copper Rhino’s inaugural Discord Christmas Party was many things. We hosted games, giveaways, and all-around good times. One of the most hyped parts of the event was the voting for 2021 Setup of the Year. When the pixels settled and the votes were tallied it was @teksetup who emerged victorious.  It’s easy to see why Teksetup came out on top. First off, the featured photo of his setup just feels cozy. It isn’t even about the products as much as it is about the vibe. The warm lighting color and wood grain surfaces create an inviting atmosphere. Add in the

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Cam Dicecca Plans His Adventures From This Setup in Boston.

From Boston to Austin and back to Boston again. This is not the start to some sort of geographic rap or poem, this is Cam Dicecca’s life (camdicecca.com and @camdiceccatech on IG). Graduating from college and finding work in the IT industry has moved him from New England to central Texas and back. Along the way he has cultivated a love for the outdoors and photography in addition to clean desk setups. The desk setup love all started with an IKEA desk and some Instagram perusing. That original IKEA piece is long gone. Cam’s love for gadgets and tech just

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3D Designer From Denmark: Jensen Shapes His Setup

The transition from dormitory life at a university to ruling over a space of one’s own can be exciting, yet daunting. Jensen (@maybejensen on Instagram) is a perfect example of someone who recently made this transition beautifully. It all started with the desk setup.  Jensen lives in Denmark and his influences range from his Scandinavian heritage to Japanese minimalism. Just don’t come near him with IKEA, and don’t even get him started on flashy RGB setups. His training and livelihood is in multimedia and 3D design, so he has an eye for transforming spaces. Now that he has the means

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@LizzLovesTech's Apple-Inspired Workspace

@LizzLovesTech’s Apple-Inspired Workspace

Lizz (@lizzlovestech on Instagram) is a lawyer in sunny San Diego, California, but she didn’t get this feature to dish out legal advice. Lizz also loves tech. She loves clean design and productivity-enhancing features. When she passed the bar last year and started practicing law, she decided to make an investment in her desk setup. This was especially important since she can’t go into the office until at least late summer. It’s clear that she thoughtfully curates every addition to her desk. In true Copper Rhino style each product pulls its weight in form and in function. See more of

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Desk Setup Inspiration with Lloyd Carig - Vancouver, BC

Desk Setup Inspiration with Lloyd Carig – Vancouver, BC

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of a new series of interviews we are doing with people who curate impressive desk setups. Our goal is to inspire our audience to experience new products and create environments that allow them to feel comfortable, productive and creative.  If you’re interested in seeing more of these amazing setups, check out our Gallery and sign up for our newsletter. Posts contain (in some cases) affiliate links that support Copper Rhino. If you are interested in inspiring us with your setup, please email us at [email protected]. Born and raised in Manila and currently residing

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