Desk Setup Inspiration with Lloyd Carig – Vancouver, BC

Desk Setup Inspiration with Lloyd Carig - Vancouver, BC

Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of a new series of interviews we are doing with people who curate impressive desk setups. Our goal is to inspire our audience to experience new products and create environments that allow them to feel comfortable, productive and creative. 

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Born and raised in Manila and currently residing in Vancouver, BC, Lloyd Carig solves your tech problems by day and captures his Canadian cityscape by night. This husband and father of two morphs from live chat support to freelance photographer when the clock strikes five(ish). His shots include sneakers, skylines, timelapses, and the occasional wedding. You can find him behind the lenses of various Fujifilm cameras, and you can glimpse his mastery on Instagram and YouTube.

Netmagnetism KickBricks – AirMax OG 1 University Red


Custom Walnut Floor Lamp & Vintage Chest

Lloyd is always looking for pieces to add to setup. Whether it’s Facebook Marketplace, Instagram, or Vancouver’s own Rustic Lighting new products end up sneaking into his space.

Lloyd Carig's Desk

Fujifilm – X-T4, X-T1 and X100F

These are the tools that represent Lloyd’s passion and open up his world. The X-T4 is the main rig. The others are for special uses. He also keeps a selection of lenses nearby.

Dell U3818DW & BenQ ScreenBar

Upgrading his monitor game has allowed Lloyd to ditch his old, work-provided dual-monitor setup and free up an entire desk. Next step, he’s got his eye on a Samsung 49” screen.


AZIO Corporation – Retro Compact Keyboard

“I don’t know about what kind of switches it has. I don’t really care about those. I was just like, ‘This looks good. I want this.’ So I got it.”

What more can you say? Sometimes it just fits. 

IKEA – DEKAD Alarm Clock

“For some reason people are complimenting me on this. This is like an eight-dollar clock from IKEA, but it’s vintage-ish. OK, let me get that.” 


IKEA – IDASEN Desk, Grovemade – Desk Shelf, Wool Felt Desk Pad & Mouse Pad with Pen Tray

These are the pieces most responsible for the look and feel of Lloyd’s desktop. Dark wood, dark gray, black, some leather, some wool, all classic.

Grovemade – Desk Tray & Orbitkey Nest

Organization is critical to keeping a desk looking clean. This is where he keeps pens, multi-tools, SSD, SD cards, microphones, cables and other accessories out of view until he needs them.

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