@LizzLovesTech’s Apple-Inspired Workspace

@LizzLovesTech's Apple-Inspired Workspace

Lizz (@lizzlovestech on Instagram) is a lawyer in sunny San Diego, California, but she didn’t get this feature to dish out legal advice. Lizz also loves tech. She loves clean design and productivity-enhancing features. When she passed the bar last year and started practicing law, she decided to make an investment in her desk setup. This was especially important since she can’t go into the office until at least late summer. It’s clear that she thoughtfully curates every addition to her desk. In true Copper Rhino style each product pulls its weight in form and in function. See more of her setup on YouTube and Instagram.

The Structure


Autonomous SmartDesk Pro

When Lizz started her first full-time lawyer gig, her new employer knew that they would not have anyone work in the office until late summer 2021 (at the soonest). They in turn gave her a stipend to invest in her home office. She immediately went for the desk itself as a starting point. While the health benefits of standing desks are well documented, Lizz admits that it’s hard to remember to spend time standing while working. That’s where the Apple Watch comes in to remind her when it’s time to stand up. 


A simple decision that fits in with the overall minimal and clean style of the rest of the setup. 


Grovemade Wood Desk Shelf

“You get what you pay for. It’s really quality stuff!” This desk organizer has become a staple of quality home office setups, and Lizz considers it one of the biggest quality of life upgrades she’s made.

“It frees up a ton of space.” There’s room for her impressive collection of iPhone cases, an Apple Magic Trackpad and more tucked neatly under her monitor. Also, the Grovemade Desk Tray which holds pens, cables and extra Apple Watch wrist straps. Up top, the shelf hoists both her 28-inch monitor and MacBook Pro which she also uses as her secondary screen.


The Display


BenQ ScreenBar Plus Control // Credit: @LizzLovesTech

BenQ ScreenBar Plus Control // Credit: @LizzLovesTech

Samsung UR55 Series 28″ IPS 4K UHD Monitor

We spent quite a bit of time discussing monitors. As I mentioned, Lizz goes with a dual-monitor setup that is key to being effective in her job as an attorney. The virtual machine that she logs into for work takes up an entire “space” (MacOS-speak for one of the numerous desktops that she can maintain separately at one time). This means one monitor needs to be all work. She went with a relatively small 28-inch monitor to keep her setup tight and eliminate the need for long-distance travel between screens something like an ultrawide monitor would require.

BenQ ScreenBar Plus

When asked which product was the most life-changing, her first thought was the BenQ ScreenBar Plus. It was an immediate quality of life upgrade for her workday, which involves quite a bit of typing while reading documents on her screens. The light from the ScreenBar illuminates her keyboard, preventing a drastic difference in brightness when her eyes travel between screen and keys.

The Peripherals


Apple Magic Keyboard (with Numeric Keypad), Magic Trackpad 2

At this point, there’s no question that Lizz is all-in on the Apple ecosystem (and aesthetic). She even has the Apple HomePod mini make an appearance for the aesthetic appeal while not always being plugged in. 

She goes with the larger keyboard with the numeric keypad to make life easier.

Grovemade Wood Keyboard Tray

This tray does a lot of heavy lifting for Lizz by elevating the Magic Keyboard to a more ergonomic position, all while subtly tying together the Apple + wood vibe of her desk.


Credit: @LizzLovesTech

Credit: @LizzLovesTech

Logitech MX Anywhere 3

This mouse is the little sister of the very popular MX Master 3. It does the job and is a little more portable with it’s smaller form-factor. Lizz swaps the mouse and trackpad depending on the task. And yes, it maintains the white/silver look.

Apple MagSafe Charger

Lizz has a knack for getting her whole setup to work together flawlessly and the MagSafe Charger is no different. Add the Balolo Mag Puck and its wood-grain class to the operation, and all of her devices charge with style.

Grovemade Wool Desk Pad

Grovemade knows how to add class to the desk and what is classier than Merino Wool under all of your favorite devices? These desk pads come in several sizes and configurations. Lizz goes for the longer desk pad to cover most of the bare real estate on the desk.

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