Copper Rhino Inspiration

The Purpose

Our goal is to inspire our audience to experience new products and create environments that allow them to feel comfortable, productive and creative.

We are a team of enthusiasts and aficionados, seeking to indulge in and share our passion for products that are both aesthetically pleasing and delightfully functional. We feature inspiring setups in our #OnMyDesk series and dig into how products fit into modern life in our Reviews and Thoughts blog.

The Team

Graham Mueller

Editor in Chief

Raised among engineers and schooled in liberal arts, Graham is equally likely to geek out on tech specs or aesthetics. His curiosity is boundless, so he will geek out. Be prepared.

Cameron Bachman

Writer, Head of Marketing & Partnerships

Having spent half of his career in Asia where he learned the ins and outs of electronics manufacturing and the other half in digital marketing, Cameron is passionate about uncovering the connections people make with the products around them.

Natalea Saeb

Brand Manager

When she’s not creating art, you can find Natalea using her education in Psychology to help brands connect with their audiences across various media.

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