3D Designer From Denmark: Jensen Shapes His Setup

The transition from dormitory life at a university to ruling over a space of one’s own can be exciting, yet daunting. Jensen (@maybejensen on Instagram) is a perfect example of someone who recently made this transition beautifully. It all started with the desk setup. 

Jensen lives in Denmark and his influences range from his Scandinavian heritage to Japanese minimalism. Just don’t come near him with IKEA, and don’t even get him started on flashy RGB setups. His training and livelihood is in multimedia and 3D design, so he has an eye for transforming spaces. Now that he has the means to execute those visions, he’s getting much more enjoyment out of his workspace. See more of his work at maybejensen.com and Instagram.

Hübsch Desk – FSC-certified Oak

It all starts with a good desk. Classic, clean oak offers a bright surface for black peripherals to pop. 

Adding a gaming monitor proved to have productivity-boosting benefits to Jensen’s work and gaming life. Working in 3D space, navigating viewpoints, creating renderings and modeling can all happen faster with the higher refresh rate. “I didn’t think that would be a use case where I would see the benefits of a 144 Hertz screen, but it really is amazing. You can just work so much faster,” he says.

LG 24MD4KL-B 24″ Ultrafine 4K Monitor

Here we get some extra screen space at 4K featuring P3 color gamut. The real estate and specs are nice, but Jensen isn’t a fan of his mismatched screens. He’s looking for just the right ultrawide monitor, but his exacting requirements have yet to be met.


Speaking of productivity, Jensen is left handed, but he learned to use a mouse at a young age with his right hand. This means that he can dual wield a tablet and a mouse. 

That mouse, though, is a sore spot. He can’t stand RGB lights. From his mouse to his monitor base to his RAM he can’t escape them. “It’s a pain finding good looking stuff nowadays in my opinion. I just want something very plain black. No hard edges,” he laments, “I think we need a renaissance in computer hardware, to be honest.”

Orbitkey Nest Desk Organizer

Jensen has a few tools he always needs, whether at home or the office. The Nest is perfect for carrying these items between the two and keeping things minimal. Goodbye, bulky messenger bag. In his Nest you can commonly find a UNI 6-in-1 dock, his phone, various cables, USB keys, and business cards. He laughingly calls it his man purse. “I love that thing. Before I used to carry that stuff in my pocket. I don’t like pockets. My pockets were always full.” Integrated wireless charging completes this desktop necessity.

Fujifilm X-T4 Camera with Fujinon XF 18-55mm, Fujinon XC35mm, and TTartisan 50mm lenses

Capture the inspiration. Whether it’s art museums, architecture, products or personalities, Jensen is always out looking for a great photo. His choice of camera setup is the Fujifilm X-T4 mirrorless platform.

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