Cam Dicecca Plans His Adventures From This Setup in Boston.

From Boston to Austin and back to Boston again. This is not the start to some sort of geographic rap or poem, this is Cam Dicecca’s life ( and @camdiceccatech on IG). Graduating from college and finding work in the IT industry has moved him from New England to central Texas and back. Along the way he has cultivated a love for the outdoors and photography in addition to clean desk setups.

The desk setup love all started with an IKEA desk and some Instagram perusing. That original IKEA piece is long gone. Cam’s love for gadgets and tech just have him constantly improving his space: a theme that he doesn’t imagine will ever change. Another thing that won’t change: immaculate cable management. Velcro ties, right-angle cables, and two-sided tape all get called to do the job when he needs them. That’s the one constant. He says it best, “A clean desk brings me joy.” That’s why it’s all worth it. Let’s check out the joy bringer.

Flexispot Seiffen Electric, Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – Maple Desktop with Black Frame

Changing to a standing desk was a revelation for Cam. The new view helps him to stay more alert. The wood-on-black look starts here and continues throughout his setup.

Dell S3220DGF 32” Curved LED QHD Gaming Monitor

Speaking of gamechangers, the step up from a 1080 to a 1440 monitor was another eye-opener. The extra space and reduced eye strain are huge benefits for him. “I can’t do just a laptop screen. I don’t know how anybody can.”

Deltahub Carpio 2.0 Ergonomic Wrist Rest

The original Carpio was a small piece with an oversized impact on Cam. Now he’s moved up to version 2.0. It took him a little while to get used to, but he can’t imagine life without it. Along with the comfort that it brings is a productivity boost. Maybe it’s something about not having to constantly find a comfortable position. Regardless, It’s one of the best value items on his desk.

Close up of Cam's setup

Google Nest Hub

This is another big bang from a small package. It just does everything: voice assistant, Netflix, smart controls, a nice classic clock when you want that, maybe the weather, pull up a little entertainment without using the entire monitor. It’s the most multifaceted tool around.

LIFX Beam Smart Lights

The Beams keep things perfectly illuminated and are controlled via app or voice. They are infinitely customizable both in terms of colors and mounting configurations. Cam can go from a subtle glow to full disco faster than you can say, “Saturday Night Fever.”

Parks United States National Park Service Maps from the Collection of Brian Kelley

Not only does this book visually pop from Cam’s setup, it emotionally pops for him as well. He got the book as a Christmas gift from the woman who is now his fiancee. The outdoors generally and National Parks specifically hold a special place in his heart. From Acadia to Zion and North Cascades in the middle, amazing experiences have overcome him at each. He also credits his many trips to parks with taking his photography to another level. Not only is Cam always looking for that next desk piece, he’s also always thinking about that next adventure, or as he says, “Get lost. Get nervous. Come back. Find yourself.”

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