Setup of the Year: 2021

Copper Rhino’s inaugural Discord Christmas Party was many things. We hosted games, giveaways, and all-around good times. One of the most hyped parts of the event was the voting for 2021 Setup of the Year. When the pixels settled and the votes were tallied it was @teksetup who emerged victorious. 

It’s easy to see why Teksetup came out on top. First off, the featured photo of his setup just feels cozy. It isn’t even about the products as much as it is about the vibe. The warm lighting color and wood grain surfaces create an inviting atmosphere. Add in the fireplace desktop background and the setup feels more like a mountain lodge than an office cubicle. 

When you get to looking at the specifics of this setup, one thing that stands out is the matching wood grain from the desk to the Keepo pegboard to the Aothia monitor riser and even the PC case. Here’s the secret: it’s a wrap! Imagine the work to cut out all of the pegboard holes after covering it in vinyl wrap. Teksetup pulls this off beautifully. 

Another piece that shines (quite literally) is the Nanoleaf Canvas smart lighting arrangement. These panels can be programmed in various colors or patterns, so Teksetup has chosen the perfect combination of illumination, warmth, and accent. Task lighting comes from the Baseus LED Monitor Lamp. The final touch is a hidden strip of Cololight RGB LEDs.

The rest of the setup just works together seamlessly. The JSM felt deskmat holds his Keychron K3 keyboard and wrist rest, Logitech G703 mouse, and Delta Hub wrist rest elegantly. Over on the pegboard, he has custom 3D-printed headphone and cable holders for things like his Google Nest Mini and his headphones in addition to standard holders for other gear he likes to keep nearby, but out of the way. Speaking of ‘out of the way,’ he’s managed to pull off good cable management (at least from this camera angle) on a sit-stand desk, which is never straight-forward.

We could go on all day about this setup, but the truth is by the time we post this article his setup will have changed again. It’s already leagues different than it was when we featured it back in August (note for starters the massive monitor upgrade). Perhaps it’s easiest to keep tabs on @teksetup on Instagram and check the link in his bio for all the most recent products, updates, and inspiration.

We look forward to what Teksetup and all of the other setup masters have in store for us in the coming year, and you can be sure we will continue to highlight the best. When you see something you like or build something you think we’ll appreciate, let us know. It might just earn Setup of the Year.

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