Keychron K2: What Creators Are Saying

It’s easy to see why the Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard has so many fans. It gives you so many options. First off, it supports MacOS and Windows. You can switch between the two operating systems with a switch on the frame and even swap the OS-specific keycaps with both sets included in the box. You can go wireless via Bluetooth 5.1 or plug in via USB-C. You can choose between red, blue, or brown Gateron switches or get the hot-swappable version if you have other switches you prefer. You can rock white or RGB backlights. Finally, it is available in ABS plastic or an aluminum-bezeled version. We haven’t done the math, but there are as many possibilities as there are fans of the K2.

Let’s hear what some of these fans have to say…

“The [K2] is one of my favorite new little pieces.”
— Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD)
“An amazing, compact and well thought of keyboard that works great out of the box”
— Jeorge Paolo (@Jeorgepaolo_)
“The biggest draw for me is its macOS-favoring design… And it comes with an attractive price point!”
— Aardimus (@aardimus)
“I’m no keyboard expert but from an average consumer perspective, it feels great to type and has awesome battery life.”
— The Silent Reviewer (@thesilentreviewerig)
“For a Mac and PC keyboard, I highly recommend the Keychron K2…”
— Andres Vidoza (@andresvidoza)
“There are many reasons why I think it’s the best wireless mechanical keyboard especially if you are using a Mac.”
— Amrinder Singh (@the.vespa.guy)
“There’s really nothing to dislike about the K2…”
— Benjamin Ong (@thericebucket)
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