Glorious Gaming Mice: A Comparison of All Models

Glorious PC Gaming Race (“Glorious” for short) has put innovation in gaming mice at the top of their priority list. The thing is their mice all look pretty similar. One would be forgiven for being confused by the differences among the eight models in the Glorious lineup. We are here to help you differentiate. 

Let’s start with all of those similarities. All models have the same highlights: lightweight honeycomb shell design, high-performance G-Skates virgin PTFE feet, fully configurable RGB lighting, availability in matte black or matte white, and more. We’ve written up the full specs over on our Model O and Model D pages, if you want the whole rundown.

Now, for the differences. There are eight specific mouse models to compare: Model O, Model O-, Model O Wireless, Model O- Wireless, Model D, Model D-, Model D Wireless, and Model D- Wireless. The biggest difference is easy to see: it’s the body shape and size. The Model O family sports an ambidextrous design while the Model D mice feature an ergonomic right swoop that is optimized for right-handed gaming. The O- and D- models are downsized versions of the base models, and are thus the lightest of the lightweight mice. Notably, there are also some minor differences among models in lift-off distance. Finally, all four wired models are available in a glossy finish and the Model O and O- wired have the option of a stunning matte pink finish.

The bottom line is that if you want to invest in an ultra-light, high-performance mouse with configurable RGB lighting, the Glorious mouse line is for you. After that, it’s all about taking a look at the models and finding the perfect one for your individual hand. Ambidextrous or ergonomically specific? Bigger or smaller? Wireless? The Glorious choice is yours.
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