Rocket League “Night” – January 23rd on Discord

Our Discord community is growing! With that, naturally, members are sharing passions beyond their desk setups. One such passion is the multi-platform, free-to-play game Rocket League. It’s so fun and approachable that it has spread quickly throughout the server. That’s why we’re coming together this Sunday for a good old-fashioned gaming session.


The Copper Rhino Discord #gaming voice channel.


Sunday, January 23rd: 8 AM PST/4 PM GMT


Playing some casual games of Rocket League with other members of the community. All skill levels are more than welcome.


If you haven’t played Rocket League before, the download is free and you can play it on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Switch. Once you’re ready to play, just jump into the voice channel and say “Hi”! You are also welcome to join us without playing if you just want to enjoy the vibes and banter.

Why “Night”:

We have a global community. For some members, this will be happening at night. Also, we just enjoy the vibe of a game night.

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