Copper Rhino Discord Community Celebrating 1k Members

A message from Copper Rhino’s CEO:

I am so proud to announce that we have crossed the threshold of 1,000 members in this community. While this is a satisfying milestone, it also has the practical significance of allowing us to make the community more discoverable on Discord’s platform via “Server Discovery.”

It’s barely over a year ago that @Graham @Natt and I first started laying out a vision for building a community of people that cared deeply about creating environments that allow them to feel comfortable, productive and creative. Beyond that vague and simple vision, we didn’t really know what Copper Rhino would become.

Since then @jason.m and @Kunal have joined us to lend their expertise in building technology and communities, and all of you have joined us to share your own favorite products, setups, games and even simple life experiences. We have recently found ourselves amazed at how we truly consider you all friends.

We have so much planned to keep building on this momentum, but it’s important to us to take a moment and celebrate with all of you where we’ve already come. That’s why you are (somewhat cordially) invited to join us Monday evening for a virtual toast to the community on Monday evening (US time, sorry for the awkward timing for our international friends). We’re just gonna meet in the General voice channel and raise our glasses of our beverages of choice. It would be wonderful to see a few of your smiling faces if your schedule allows.

Thank you so much for being a part of this community. You give us purpose as we keep working on this thing!

In Gratitude,


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