Beat Saber “Night” – February 19th on Discord

Recently our Discord community has been talking a lot about Virtual Reality, with quite a few of our regulars rocking the Oculus Quest 2. We wanted to get a community event together on Oculus and decided to go with our Community Manager’s favorite: Beat Saber. On Saturday, February 19, we’ll be meeting up in discord to set up a virtual room and get our game on. As with our Rocket League “Night”, we’re doing this one in the morning for North American members to accommodate our international friends.

If you have an Oculus but haven’t tried out Beat Saber, there’s a reason it’s the top-selling game on the platform. It is ridiculously fun, pretty easy to pick up and “makes you feel like a bad ass” according to our Community Manager, Natt.


The Copper Rhino Discord #gaming voice channel.


Saturday, February 19: 8 AM PST/4 PM GMT


Jumping into a Beat Saber room on Oculus and challenging each other to virtual dance-offs!


Jump into discord when the event is happening. We’ll swap Oculus names and organize a multiplayer room there and then get the party started.

Why “Night”:

We have a global community. For some members, this will be happening at night. Also, we just enjoy the vibe of a game night.

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