The Inaugural Copper Rhino Holiday Party

The Copper Rhino Discord server was the place to be on December 19, as our community had some laughs and celebrated the holiday season with games and giveaways at the inaugural Copper Rhino Holiday Party. 

We got started by introducing the Copper Rhino team via video on stream for the first time ever. It was refreshing to put some names to faces and chat a bit more with people we’ve met over the past year. Immediately after that, we brought out the gifts and gave tokens of our appreciation to two of the most active members of our Discord community: Guy and Antexoria. We also had some fun, random-draw stocking stuffers go out to several participants.

As the festivities marched on, we had some rousing matches of “The Wikipedia Game” in which contestants are dropped on a random Wikipedia page and then must click links to get themselves to another randomly (or maliciously) selected page. Copper Rhino’s own jason.m was the clear winner in this one. 

Partygoers Aesirx and AnonymousUser excelled in the Holiday Special challenge. This game was a contest to change a movie from its regular form into a holiday version. Aesirx made a Deadpool movie where Deadpool dresses as Santa and uses candy canes as weapons. AnonymousUser went with Up, but the house got transported to the North Pole

The most rewarding game of the event was a version of 20 questions to guess what was inside a wrapped gift (with the correct guess winning the gift at the end). After a few frustrated and hilarious minutes of guesses and a bit of mild cursing, fromo figured out that it was a mouse wrist rest from Glorious PC Gaming Race

Throughout most of the party we had a poll open to vote on the 2021 Setup of the Year. As the clock wound down and it was time to end voting, a clear winner emerged: Teksetup (@teksetup on IG). His setup featured cozy warm lighting, custom wood grain-wrapped everything, and custom 3D-printed pegboard attachments. Productivity and style-enhancing products include a Keychron K3 keyboard, Logitech G703 mouse, and Nanoleaf Canvas smart lighting setup. It had the functionality and the vibes to take home the prize. Click over to our full article to read more about it.

This year’s holiday party was a wonderful way to connect with our burgeoning community and the entire Copper Rhino team would like to thank everyone who dropped by. We look forward to hosting more events like this both virtually and even live when that becomes more reasonable. 

Cheers and a Happy 2022!

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