Keychron Q2 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Giveaway

Thanks for checking out our Keychron Q2 giveaway. Unfortunately, if you didn’t get an entry in, you’re too late. Amy J. was our winner (out of over 30,000 entries). Keep an eye out for more giveaways coming soon.

If you’re still hyped on the Q2 after having learned about it here, why not pick one up? It’s a great value for an entry-level custom mechanical keyboard, complete with a divine gasket mount design and endless options for customization. Click the button below to grab one.

We heard you loud and clear. You love keyboards. You love Keychron keyboards. Now is your chance to win Keychron’s latest release: the brand new Keychron Q2 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Building on the success of their first custom keyboard, the Keychron Q1, the Q2 comes in at the 65% size. They traded the F-key row for a more compact design. Speaking of design, check out the CNC aluminum body. Our giveaway version (as decided by community poll) is the Carbon Black colorway, but the Q2 also comes in Silver Gray and Navy Blue: all anodized and all strikingly beautiful. 

The keycaps are also striking. They are OSA-profile and double-shot PBT construction. This means a pleasing medium height and all of the durability associated with PBT plastic and long-lasting legends from the double-shot process. And of course, they’re ready for you to pull and customize until you get your caps just right (keycap puller included).

Underneath the caps, Keychron has upped their switch game with the new Gateron G Pro line. Our giveaway version will include the linear, Gateron G Pro Red switches. The line also comes in brown and blue which are similar to previous Gateron switches, but are built from a more optimized mold for more precision and less wobble. They also come pre-lubed from the factory for the smoothest travel experience. It’s no surprise that the switches are also hot-swappable with an included switch puller.

The customization doesn’t stop there. The QMK firmware and Via software allow for customization of every facet of the keyboard. Key layout, macros, layers, and of course RGB effects are all subject to your whims. Our giveaway version is not the one with the knob, but check that out (and all of the other details on our Q2 page) for another bit of control. 

If you need your keyboard to be like a genie and perform every wish you command, the Keychron Q2 is the mechanical keyboard for you. It’s a high-end keyboard in a compact form. The only limits are the keys and your imagination.

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