Rhino’s Choice: Pick our Next Community Keyboard Giveaway

We’ve been paying attention and it’s pretty clear that our audience likes free mechanical keyboards. While we’ve given away several Keychron K2s in recent months, we want to ask the community to help pick which keyboard we give away next. 

Last week we asked you to help us pick among 5 amazing Keychron keyboards

A fully customizable aluminum 75% keyboard with some delicious optional features like a programmable knob. 

The brand new custom keyboard from Keychron with a 65% layout and full QMK compatibility. 

An ultra-slim wireless keyboard with low profile keycaps and a 75% layout. 

A TKL (80%) variant on Keychron’s popular line of wireless mechanical keyboards. 

All the same functionality and aesthetics of the K line of keyboards, with the full numpad smashed in.

The Results:

We asked our newsletter, discord server, and social media followers for their picks and here’s what they said.

Results from the poll sent to our Newsletter and Discord Community.

Results from asking our Instagram Audience

From the responses we got, it’s clear that our community is hungry for custom keyboards, particularly the brand new Q2 Custom QMK Mechanical Keyboard. The Q2 was just released and in addition to solid features that we have started to expect from keyboard manufacturers, these come in 3 colorways with custom keycaps and in 3 different flavors of Gateron’s G Pro line of mechanical keyswitches. 

That’s where you come in. We know that you want a Q2 for our February giveaway, but now we need your help picking your favorite switch and keyset.

The Gateron G Pro Switches

Gateron has updated their molds and materials to make their standardized line of switches even better. There are 3 options available out of the box for the Keychron Q2 (but don’t worry; with a hot-swappable PCB, you can swap in any switch after purchase): Gateron G Pro Red, Gateron G Pro Blue and Gateron G Pro Brown. 

For the Red and Brown versions, the switches come pre-lubed which means you’ll never want to type on anything else again.

Here are the specs:

Gateron G Pro Red: 

Actuation force45 ±15gf
Pre-travel2 ±0.6mm
Travel distance4 ±0.6mm
Sound level1/10

Gateron G Pro Blue: 

Actuation force60 ±15gf
Pre-travel2.3 ±0.6mm
Travel distance4 ±0.6mm
Sound level8/10

Gateron G Pro Brown: 

Actuation force55 ±15gf
Pre-travel2 ±0.6mm
Travel distance4 ±0.6mm
Sound level4/10

The Colorways/Keysets

The Q2 is coming out in 3 different colorways. Each version features its own color of aluminum body and a unique set of QSA-profile keycaps. Here are the options: 

Carbon Black

Silver Grey

Navy Blue

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