Which Keyboard does MKBHD use?

It’s easy to see why the Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard has so many fans. It gives you options. First off, it supports Mac and Windows. You can switch between the two operating systems with a switch on the frame and even swap the OS-specific keycaps. Both sets are included in the box. You can go wireless via Bluetooth 5.1 or plug in via USB. You can choose between red, blue, or brown Gateron switches or get the hot-swappable version for ultimate customization. You can rock white or RGB backlights.

One of the many fans of the K2 is Marques Brownlee. That’s right, MKBHD himself. Back in 2020, he said it was, “one of my favorite new little pieces.” More than that, in a studio tour the following year, not only was it still on his desk, but it had even more custom keycaps than before. He was also wearing a keyboard t-shirt (read into that whatever you want). What is it that he likes about the K2? The RGBs, wireless capability, and Gateron brown switches, which he said were his, “favorites that I’ve tried in a mechanical keyboard so far.” As far as drawbacks, “It gets really loud when I’m editing.” Given the customization possibilities for this board, that’s something you can work with.

Here’s what he had to say when he first introduced the K2 in his desk tour from 2020:

“The keyboard is one of my favorite new little pieces. This is the Keychron K2. It’s RGB, it’s wireless. It doesn’t have the number pad and I don’t really miss it. I don’t use it that much. But I’ve found these brown switches have been my favorites that I’ve tried in a mechanical keyboard so far and I have a couple custom keycaps like the red ‘Ascend’ key up here [in place of ‘Esc’]. I don’t know, it just feels, like, at home. It’s a very unique looking piece. It’s not as low-profile as the Mac keyboard and it sounds really good. But yeah, that’s the keyboard that I’ve been using for a while. It gets really loud when I’m editing.”

He again praises the K2 in a full studio tour from 2021 where each of the crew shouts out just a couple things they love about their setups:

“But the one thing I’ll say that I like about my desk a lot right now is the [Keychron] K2. I’ve gotten really into mechanical keyboards. Keychron? It’s Keychron, isn’t it? But this is a wired mechanical keyboard and listen to [typing sounds]. It’s good. It’s good stuff. I really like this.”

Finally, in his desk setup tour from 2021 takes time to mention his K2’s custom keycaps and substantial weight:

“And a Keychron K2, I believe. Is this K3 or K2? I think it’s the K2. Yeah. And it’s got a bunch of custom keys and it’s nice and heavy and metal.”


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