Nominations Are Open For Setup of the Year 2022

Another year is coming to a close and we’ve seen so many setups it’s impossible to remember them all. That’s why we need your help. What was your favorite setup this year? Over the next week, we’ll be taking your nominations. The staff at Copper Rhino will also be proposing some of our own. There will be haggling, propositioning, debate, forensics, and possibly the casting of lots. In the end, much like in Highlander, there can be only one. 

To start things off, fill out the form here to nominate your favorite setup of the year. All we need is a link to your favorite and maybe a few thoughts on why you chose that setup. Leave your ID, too, and we can shout you out. Nominations will be open for a week before we cut the field down to the finalists. Check back on Friday the 16th, to see who moves on.

Oh, did we mention there will be prizes? As a bonus for voting in the final poll, we’re giving away a shiny new Keychron K2 v2 mechanical keyboard to one random voter. The winner of Setup of the Year 2022 will take home some top-secret swag and diamond-level bragging rights.

Need some inspiration? Check out our article on 2021 SoTY: @teksetup. You could also scroll our IG and TikTok. You know there are plenty to choose from. Whether you’re into dark and moody, bright RGB, cozy vibes, games, plants, or anything else under the ceiling and sun; there’s a setup for you. Let’s get to looking for the best of them.

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