Black Friday/Cyber Monday Community Channel

Season’s Greetings Copper Rhino fans!

It’s that time of year again: a time to give thanks, a time to give praise, and of course a time to give gifts. On Friday and Monday our community will share their best Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale sites. Anyone who shares a great (and verified) deal in the new #bfcm-deals channel will be entered into a giveaway for an aluminum Keychron K2 (v2) (blue switches). Entries will also be granted to those who share links to organizations hosting promotions on Giving Tuesday, the charitable day of the long weekend. It’s our small way of giving thanks to all of our community members who share so much with us.

In reality we owe you our gratitude every day. Without you we’d just be shouting into the wind or typing a digital diary. Since you’re around, we can have meaningful conversations about things like mechanical keyboard switch stem heights, the intricacies of sit/stand desk cable management, puzzle game techniques, and the proper wait time to kick the cat off your lap when you need to go eat.

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