BFCM: Win a Keychron K2 (v2) Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Keychron K2 (v2) Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Giving and Receiving

We need your help! Copper Rhino is a community of people inspiring each other to experience new products and create environments that allow them to feel comfortable, productive, and creative. When it comes to sharing deals with each other, there’s no bigger weekend than Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

Any discord member that posts a deal in the #bfcm-deals channel will be entered to win an aluminum Keychron K2 (v2) with blue switches. We’re hoping to see some awesome deals from you all, but we doubt any of them will top a free mechanical keyboard.

Jump in now to chat; the action starts Friday.

Keychron K2 (v2)

Get ready to level up your keyboard game with the Keychron K2. What is it? I’m glad you asked. The K2 is a mechanical, Bluetooth-connectible, LED-backlit keyboard. This model has Gateron Brown switches. It’s compact, yet multitalented: clack away at work or pass some time with games.

You get 84 keys (the 75% layout). Mac and Windows-specific keys are included, and so is a keycap puller. The K2 even has a dedicated switch to move smoothly between Windows and Mac operation. It has the Mac media keys in the function row. Other shortcuts you’re used to (page up and home, we see you) and arrows are there, too. 

The Keychron K2 sports Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and allows you to connect to up to three devices. One wireless keyboard for your phone, work laptop, and gaming PC? The K2 has you covered at the flick of a switch. If you prefer the reliability of a wired connection, the K2 comes with a USB-C cable, too. 


Keychron K2 v2: What’s New?

Check out the upgrades Keychron made with version 2 of the K2.

This is the white-backlit version, and new for version 2 is a dedicated notification light for your Caps Lock status. They are also dimmable and have multiple effects. Don’t worry about battery life either. The Keychron K2 has an enormous 4000 mAh battery for up to 68 hours of service even with the backlights on and up to 240 hours with them off.

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