Glorious Model D Wireless Gaming Mouse Giveaway

Glorious PC Gaming Race has taken the leash off its famous Model D! Enter our giveaway and win your own Model D Wireless.

If you’ve been with Copper Rhino for any length of time, you’re familiar with the Glorious PC Gaming Race and their line of lightweight gaming mice. If you’re new to us or them, it’s a great time for an intro because they’ve just launched another stellar product: the Model D Wireless mouse.

The Model D Wireless has a few new features compared to the original Model D. It is still the ergonomic version best for right handed users. Don’t think that Glorious just cut the cord and called it a day, though. This mouse comes with their new proprietary switches rated to last 80 million clicks. This is up from the already burly 20-million-click switches on the prior Model D. That’s real durability from a strawweight sidekick. Glorious has also removed the cutouts from the click paddles, giving the Model D Wireless a bit of a smoother look. One final bit of new hype is their new BAMF sensor developed in collaboration with Pixart. They were able to push the maximum DPI up to a mind-boggling 19,000 with a 400 IPS tracking speed and a polling rate up to 1000 Hz. This is among the parameters that are customizable through their software.

Glorious hasn’t strayed too far from a winning formula, though. The Model D Wireless continues the Glorious tradition of lightweight gaming mice started by the Model O. As Glorious does, this mouse is trim; it weighs in at just 69 grams (2.4 ounces). It also sports the same extra-long battery life rating as the Model O Wireless at 71 hours, though your time will vary with RGB settings. You can even use it while it charges. The smooth-gliding, virgin PTFE G-skates are still the Glorious PC Gaming Race mouse feet of choice. They even include a set of additional feet for those who want to increase the amount of PTFE in contact with their desktop. This mouse will really scamper across your setup.

The balance of new features with proven technology on the new Model D Wireless should see it garnering the same positive reviews as its predecessors. Join our mailing list and interact with our community for a chance to win one of your own!

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