Overachieving Design Student crafts Ultra-Clean Speakers

Overachieving Design Student crafts Ultra-Clean Speakers

Never underestimate the power of random people on the internet.

Last month I discovered one of my favorite new subreddits. While /r/politics has been losing it’s mind over the state of democracy in the US and /r/wallstreetbets has been making headlines by costing hedge funds billions of dollars, I’ve found solace in the friendly and talented crew over at /r/DIYaudio

This beauty of a speaker project by /u/patapouf02 is really peak internet if you ask me. The design is astounding, even if it takes a combination of audiology and mechanical engineering degrees to understand how it is all supposed to work. 

If you were wondering if those belts are car parts, the answer is yes. From the creator in the comments:

“…the belts were supposed to turn on a diaphragm aparature (sic) which is totally useless but I wanted to work on my technical skills so I challenged myself with this. I designed a whole gear system but it’s all hidden inside of the speaker. Sadly didn’t have the time to make it work tho.”

As for the audio details:

“…it’s a cheap passive radiator from amazon, no specs available. Had a deadline and had to figure something out without nuking my budget lol but it does the job for me. It has a Dayton Audio DA135-8 for the woofer and a Dayton Audio TD20F-4 for the tweeter. I have a second one because it’s a stereo setup, it’s a two way crossover and the amp is a cheap generic one with bluetooth option”

Patapouf02 created these for a design project at school and I have to say that I am really interested in where this young mastermind goes from here.

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