Copper Rhino Community Gift Guide 2022

Copper Rhino is nothing without our community. OK we’re a few good friends, but when we get together on Discord or Twitch with our extended global network, that’s when the real fun starts. And what are holidays without a group getting together and having some fun? That’s what holiday cheer is all about, right? With that in mind, we asked you to share your holiday cheer with us in the form of top gift ideas for the impending holiday season. The picks are in and here are some of the more legible answers we got:


Banana LED Neon Sign

It’s a perfect addition for your home, instagram and tiktok backdrops, as well as your gaming or work setup 🍌



Elgato Wave:3

Even though this mic is not in any way budget, this mic can last a long time and it is good for what it’s worth.

– ClampyStew#3726


Orbitkey Nest

I use this every day. Helps keep all my essentials for work tidy, and mobile. And it has a built-in Qi charger!! It’s changed my in-office days dramatically.



Divoom Pixoo64

It’s a 64×64 pixel display that can display the weather, pictures of your kids, youtube or Twitch follower counts, number of kills for certain games, and custom user created slideshows or custom made pixel art. Display your logo or favorite NFT or any other number of things. It connects to wifi and can update in real time for crypto prices and more.



Logitech Silent Mouse (M590)

This was actually a gift from a close friend that I’ve enjoyed and appreciated all year. It connects via usb fob or bluetooth, and is the quietest and most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used. No more clickety sounds during meetings – it just works – silently and fantastically.

– agentgarbo#8579


Playstation 5

It’s the PS5.

– truealpha#0808

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